This sounds like it could be an interesting case... from an email I received via our DCMAG website:

Hello John,
Is it possible to bring a spirit home with you from a well known haunted location such as a hotel? I think something followed me and my husband home...

We could hear her (homeless woman that froze to death under the hotel) She spoke to us while we were in our garage, I recognized her voice from the hotel. Her voice was as clear as a freak'n bell!!! We demanded that she leave right away, but, we think she is still here, not sure what to do now??????? We think she may have followed us because we were joking with the Hotel bartender about leaving some blankets and pillows for her under the hotel (employee passage way) Now i'm worried, please help.


FRIDAY, 6.26
Received a disturbing email from a prospective client this morning. Itís always a bad situation when a family is afraid to stay in their own home...

To whom it may concern,
I'm not sure how to start this letter but I have some concerns that my house might be haunted. It started a few years ago with some subtle occurrences, such as unusual noises in the basement such as hammering noises and sounds of glass being broken. After investigating these noises, we could not find the source for these sounds. A few weeks later we started hearing voices around the house that were not our family members and objects started to go missing. These occurrences went on for about a year and we were not very concerned at that time. Recently the activity has become more intense in nature. My 8 year old son is now saying that an unseen person is pulling the covers off of his bed while he is sleeping and he is now afraid to sleep at night. We are also staring to see an apparition of a well dressed man in colonial era clothing and he just looks at us and disappears. What finally drove me over the edge was that I awoke from sleep one night to feel a set of hands around my neck and I felt I was being strangled. I cannot live with this anymore and I'm ready to sell the house. I am now concerned for my families safety. Please help, I don't know who else to turn to. Thank you for your time.


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ó John